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uestions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>neil: get ready to get hit a killer winter storm is dumping up to a foot of snow in the midwest and it could cause problems on holiday travel
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everywhere. >> welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. a blizzard wanting in affect in the midwest where blinding snows are blamed if four deaths. gusts up to 60 miles per hour. it is making treacherous traveling. storm warnings and watches in effect in 15 states with the heaviest in missouri, milwaukee, chicago, and michigan, with 572 flights canceled in the chicago area, nearly twice the amount nation-wide. we are all over it. we begin with jeff in the windy city. >> from the heart of the business district downtown chicago is bracing for what is the first big concern step storm of the season. we thought make we would caught in get one but it is headed if us now the biggest population center in the midwest, take a look at the pictures at o'hare
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where already a mess ensued and tomorrow morning it is worse, already 1,000 flights, more than 1,000 flights, canceled nationwide and most of those already at o'hare. tomorrow morning, it will be awful with gusts of wind up to 50 or 60 miles per hour. i love that kind of weather but it will not be pretty. and what about christmas packages? ups' biggest shipping day of the year already today and that means tomorrow is also a huge day and right in the middle of the country where much of the packages go through is if a mess right now in the airports which are a mess. the package could be delayed. down chicago here right now and we have warm weather, reasonably warm for this time of the career but behind it with the snow is huge cold. if those who watch the financial markets, natural gas futures are way up today. the good news? grain prices are down because,
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finally, we are getting a break if the drought the silver lipping in the cloud headed for us in chicago. >>neil: you badly need this? >>guest: you said it. >>neil: in the meantime in denver the storm could be gone but a blast of arctic air is just moving in. >>reporter: yes, the cloud clearing left behind dangerously cold temperatures in parts of colorado. the wind chill is below zero. if we move over, the iowa department of transportation said with the ensure exception of the northwestern corner of the state, they have advised there be no travel throughout the state by car, 40 miles per hour to 50-miles-per-hour gusts are making high profile vehicles jackknife causing accidents. they have white out conditions in some areas. in wisconsin, 100 national guard members have been activated to help with any storm-related problems and two people have died in the state because of the storm. drivers say they are taking it
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slow. >> snow covered. wet. slippery. >>reporter: have you seenly accidents? >>guest: no, just a lot of heavy trees with a couple of branches broken but a slow right at 30 miles per hour. >>reporter: in kansas city, cars and trucks were sliding off the road a result of several inches of snow-packed road and shelters are open and power out aims for missouri and kansas city have been a problem. in nebraska the storm knocked out power to 36,000 people. in terms of travel there i talked to the state patrol office and they are working to re-open multiple segments of interstate 80 which slices the state in half and closed eastbound and westbound because of icy roads. if something is open, drivers are warned to be extremely cautious. >>neil: wise words. now to fox news meteorologist on
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how bad this could get. rick: a bad storm. the farmers across the plains desperately need snow and we have broken all kinds of records for the longest stretch without snow. we have more moving in across the great lakes. chicago has gone 290 days without snow. this is the latest you have gone without getting snow. it is warm there but that is about to change in the next couple of hours. the snow and winds will pick up and the temperatures will drop. we still have blizzard wantings in effect and the worst of it is the blizzard, where we are seeing the winds in excess of 50 miles per hour bringing visibility way down and it is right here across wisconsin and parts of minnesota and with what and illinois so a rough night. we will be done tomorrow afternoon with the storm but we will have severe weather because
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of this. we had a tornado earlier in mobile, alabama, and a tornado watch for parts of the florida panhandle and georgia moving even to the mid-atlantic states and through the evening hours. we can see the threat if strong winds and, possibly, a tornado here, but we have been talking about this storm and there are a series of storms lined up. a couple of weeks ago we saw 20" of rain, and we are become at it again, in the next four or five days another 9" to 10" of rain and 4' to 6' of snow so the active pattern will continue with us the next couple of weeks. >>neil: cancellations are mounting at o'hare, and it is a major hub if united and american airlines. we are seeing a ripple effect across the country because if the plains can not get in or out they cannot get to where you,
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and the c.e.o. keeping track of this joins us on the phone. what is the latest you hearing and how it affects natural travel? >>guest: the delays are two hours for the average flight and that is only a factor the next few hours because most airlines are shutting down their operations in and out of midway and o'hare airport. southwest announced in the last couple of hours they will shut down operations at 4:00 p.m. central time from their midway airport operation. basically, it is going to be shut down for several hours and most of the evening and overnight and into the morning. there will be a problem with snow and visibility but there are high winds over 50-miles-per-hour gusts at some point and when this is said and done they need to see how quickly they can get the airports cheered, the good news is the airlines are on top of this and forecasting this and for the most pat they getting the apes out well in advance of the storm so if you are traveling somewhere else on the
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airline system, you are flying united on the west coast or american out of dallas, you likely will not be affected by this and this is a reason in the airlines of canceling flights ahead of the worst part of the storm because they need to get the planes out. >> a lot of them have similarly waved fees and charges that normally pile on if you have to reschedule your flight or switch to a different flight, right? >>guest: absolutely. the airlines are good about that. they don't want a lot of people showing up at the airport and it makes it easier on everyone. the airlines say, look, if you are going to be affected, check on our website and we have our website and if there is a problem go to the website and you can change your flight for free generally, if you are flying out tonight and you do not have a notification that it is canceled fox we ahead and change your flight now. it will be canceled in and out of chicago. try and snag a remaining seats
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tomorrow afternoon will be the next safe bet. >>neil: thank you very were. we will keep you posted on the storm and what other airports are shoulding down. shoppers have hit a wall, is it because of the fiscal cliff? and a republican who is about to become the only african-american in the united states senate and what he has to say about that? we thought we would ask him, senator designate scott is here. , use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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>>neil: forget congress, why these signs could be proving shoppers have already gone overtime cliff. and now to new york city where retailers are not resting. >>guest: well, five days until christmas but who is keeping count? 17 million of us are going to wait until christmas eve to go holiday shopping. can you imagine that? that is according to consumer reports. they also say 132 million of us who have started our holiday shopping have not finished so the retailers are pulling out all the stops to get our holiday dollars, not sure it will work but this is what they are doing. target has last minute sale where they will give you a gift card if a certain amount of money if free if you buy certain electronic dumbs -- items and
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toys 'r us and macy's are staying open straight, like 88 hours straight. in a row. until christmas day. and best buy is letting you place an order online until 3:00 p.m. on christmas eve if you pick it up in the store. this sun heard of. will it work? we don't know. it looks like the fiscal cliff is about to kill christmas. a survey showed a third of the public is so concerned about the fiscal cliff and what our tax rates will be we have cut back on spending altogether. and the estimate for holiday sales is revised from 3.3 percent to 2.5 percent because of the fiscal cliff and super storm sandy and deep discounts. those deep discounts can continue on saturday, super saturday, the biggest shopping days of the year, a couple daze before christmas this year, so if you go in the store and you are look if 70 percent off sale you will find it.
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i am not sure your item will be in stop but you will like the price tag. happy shopping if you are not done already. i am. i am wrapped and i have the bows. >>neil: i knew you would rub that in. but processed meats and cheeses are everyone's favorite gift. tomorrow is my crist shopping tips if everyone. many americans country on tax refunded to pay if the holiday shipping bills they are stacking up but what if the refunds are delayed, seriously delayed? this wanting from the i.r.s., and i quote, "most taxpayers may not be able to file 1212 taxpayer returns until late in manner of 2013 or later." we will talk about a taxing situation, no wonder art laffer is saying bah humbug. >>guest: they don't know what the law is going to be so how
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can they process it? they is all the complications, whether it is the alternative minimum tax or the rates and the dividends, and its is amazing. congress could not be more dysfunctional but the presidency is even more dysfunctional. it is amazing. >>neil: the i.r.s. is saying they will be late, then i will be late paying you. we don't have that option. how bad did you think it will get? how much will the fiscal cliff play on us next year whether it is signed and sealed? >>guest: it will weigh heavy next year and next year will be a poor year. people have accelerated income from 2012 to 2013. they revised the g.d.p. for the third quarter, revised up, and
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that is inventory and acceleration in government spending and the trade balance. those are the big revisions coming in, all acceleration items and --. >>neil: when you say acceleration, they are robbing from the future, why are they doing that? because of higher taxes are coming? or what? >>guest: higher taxes are coming. they feel there is a good chance they will come. with higher taxes, if you kow next year will be higher tax rates than this year, what do do you? you accelerate income out of 2013 and put it through the tax code of 2012 so you pay lower taxes. some of these you could save large amounts of money. a lot of people are doing that and companies paying dividends ahead of time and accelerating bonuses so they are paid in december and not january, people are selling off their 401(k)'s and putting them in roth ira's
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that pay after tax income and stock options are exercised and an enormous number of items are moving this way and when we have had a tax rate increase in the future, you have seen the acceleration into the president and there is a big drop the next year and when we have seen the tax cut in the future, like 1981 or 1982 it caused a recession in the present. so you are seeing that type of movement of income and it is very large, this not a small number. i am looking if a very sharp drop off in economic activity in the beginning of next year. unfortunately. >>neil: art, thank you. if we don't chat, merry christmas. art, thank you very much, my friend. >> ahead of the vote, the
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threats, speaker per is telling the president to take it or leave and it talking about this plan "b" option which will prevent a tax hike on those making less than a million but the house has to pass it first. if you don't get fox business network and you are missing this, you will lose everything. everything. everything. if you have, well, you are a step ahead of the game. live coverage tonight. great scott, this guy just made history. why is the same "new york times" that made a huge deal out of this african-american making it to the white house, getting all snarky about this african-american making it to the senate? we report. today tim scott responds.
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>> give president obama a heartfelt message from the good people of south carolina. hit the road, jack! and don't you come back no more no more no more. thank you. >>neil: rebel that from the republican convention? he can't sing. but that did not step tim scott from making history because the south carolina republican congressman will soon be south carolina's newest senator tapped by the governor to replace senator demint in the new year. he will be the first african-american senator if the south since, get this, reconstruction. protectly historic, pretty big. but do this "new york times"
1:23 pm
writer, petty. modern black republicans have been more tokens than sign of progress. could they get more specific? reaction, now, from senator designate tim scott. congressman, i don't know what you scale you? congratulations? >>guest: tim is a good one. thank you very much. >>neil: what did you think of the editorial you are making history and here they are getting all snippy? >>guest: well, i thought it was funny. there is no content or substance if that editorial but what i can say is the governors are giving me an opportunity to represent the good people of south carolina because if you look at an 18 year contract record we created jobs on the local level and got boeing and now we are fighting for spending reform as a member of congress and you look at $16 trillion debt and deficits over $1 trillion we find ourselves in a good position to change the direction so we can save the american
1:24 pm
dream for the american people. >>neil: congressman, when i talk to the machine you are replacing, senator demint, part of the reason why he said he was leaving is because he felt limited on what he could do, but the idea was it was the democrats' home and harry reid runs it and there is only so were you could do and he felt he could do more expressing a conservative argument at heritage foundation. what do you think? >>guest: i think senator demint served south carolina and our nation incredibly well and he has been given an opportunity to go to the hurt tag foundation and have a greater impact on the philosophy of america as a man of conviction and principle he has been afforded that opportunity because of a track record of making a difference so he will take that difference, being a difference maker to the next level. >>neil: we last chatted at the convention, the argument that
1:25 pm
the media was making of the republican convention, they showcase minorities and the like and hispanics and the like but it was every four years they do it and it goes back to being the old white guy party. it was a dismissive comment but it bothered you then. how do you feel now in light of this editorial? >>guest: well, you cannot take the editorial seriously if youd in a record of achievement that south carolina has and the record of achievement i have had in public office. having that opportunity to build a local committee as chairman of the council was a fantastic opportunity to get my feet wet and for us in south carolina to land a largest economic development announcement in america of boeing coming to south carolina was a fantastic opportunity and speeding a couple of years in congress working on spending reform.
1:26 pm
mechanic -- america has a spending problem. if we focus our attention on building a greater economy, a better economy, we can find a way to pull ourselves from this fragile recovery to a robust recovery. >>neil: you going from a place where republicans rule to where democrats rule. harry reid rules. it is his way or the highway and he has said that speaker boehner wants to bring up tonight a separate vote on taxes where only nose a million and oversee their rights go higher is going nowhere in the senate. you could be running into a brick wall. >> one of the things i played football early and i got used to run into tackle dummies on the peeled and i look forward to an opportunity to do so in the senate and work hard to make myself available to both sides of the aisle to understand the issues and the challenges and
1:27 pm
see if we can find common ground on spending reform. what i realize if you hit the ball often enough you wake up and realize that you will take a different direction and this is an opportunity as a country to come together and look at the spending direction of the nation and change it. >> you are a us congressman before you become next year a united states senator so how will you vote tonight? >>guest: you will have to tune in like, on the neil cavuto show and watch it. >>neil: i was going do criticize you until you promoted me. in all seriousness, there are many who say that speaker boehner is giving away the shop and they understand the dilemma he is in but they worried and frustrated that sol that is debates are the size of tax hikes and nothing about whether we are even going to get spending cuts. >>guest: that is one of the greatest challenges we have had if a long-term, last year, in
1:28 pm
2011, the debt deal that went bad because we did not is a focus on spending reform. when you look at the fact our nation has $16 trillion debt, deficits over $1 trillion, and entitlements that have to be reformed to save them and protect our seniors, we need to get serious about that pat of the conversation before we got to figuring out how to create more revenues. >>neil: as you know you will be a busy senator so you are probably not keeping track how i helped you get a deal done if you have not seen our animation that is built to scale muscles and all, congressman, but i cannot understand, you guys are much closer than it would appear i don't get it where a deal can't be fun and both sides risk the fiscal cliff for the right reasons, arguably, but we stand a good likelihood of not having a deal done by the end of the year and everything blows up.
1:29 pm
>>guest: we should be optimistic that the president and the speaker are still talking and working and fine stay tuned. ing what is presented to congress as a hole. for us to draw a conclusion this close to the cliff is inappropriate at least from my perspective. >>neil: congressman, why have to draw conclusions, there will be this vote on the separate measure and harry reid said it is dead on arrival. if that is not kabuki theater c, know what is. >>guest: there will be a series of votes between now and the end of the year. >>neil: will they get a deal by the end of the year? ing i help so. i hope we find a deal that starts talking first with the spending reform and control that is necessary. i would love to continue the conversation of controlling spending, a conversation that could have legs under from my perspective but we will wait to
1:30 pm
see what the president and the speaker presents the next few days. >>neil: post election a lot of people have criticized how republicans grabs defeat from what looks like the views of victory and the rap against the party it is as i mentioned earlier, the old white man party and minorities are not invited or the party is not interested. what do you say do that and how republicans correct that image? >>guest: if you look that america is the land of opportunity, our success has been being able to bring people together with one vision understanding the definition of the american dream, that dream is available if every single child in this country. we need to look for a common
1:31 pm
solution. i believe the republican party will make great gains in the future because we will credit tallize how important it is for us to put people become to work. we will credit tallize the economic freedom that is alive and well. we will help folk. i believe america is still center right. we will have a great future. >>neil: not bad for a guy who also and a pretty good singer, not a great singer. >>guest: not a great singer, no question. >>neil: he will have a lot of history to play next year. the benghazi hearings are on and the secretary of state is not. why k.t. says something does not smell right. this holiday, share everything.
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>>neil: benghazi, finally, finally the hearings, this is four state department officials lose their post after a report reveals the state department has lost its way.
1:35 pm
damning news for hillary clinton. where is hillary clinton? k.t. wants did know because she says the buck stops with her. we are told, k.t., she testifies next year, she is not avoiding the committee hearings but she cannot do them now. >>guest: i am not her doctor so i do not give the permission slip not to go but the two times the secretary of state should have spoken out about benghazi, the first time was when the u.n. ambassador went to all of the sunday talk shows and the second was today. both those times hillary clinton has been suffering from the fatigue of her demanding travel schedule. you drew your ownon. >>neil: what is yours? >>guest: hillary clinton is leaving her options open. what bothers me is no one is being held accountable if this. she said she takes responsibility but she doesn't take the blame. no one is taking the blame.
1:36 pm
why care whether it is the state department that is not taking the blame, the high officials in the white house or the state department, or al qaeda, frankly, we have nut gone after al qaeda. we have not hunted them down. we have not punished them or retaliated for this time. what does this tell you? if you look at bin laden, in 2000 he did a campaign, a recruitment video saying in 1998 we bombed the united states embassy in east africa and main came to us and we bomb the "uss cole" and no one came after us, attack america again. what message do we send to al qaeda by not hunting them down and retaliating against them? we are saying, come get us. >>neil: how much of that could be war fatigue, their view that america has been in afghanistan and iraq and they are sick of it. >>guest: we are. but that significant noon i'm not saying invade, but the guy who has claimed responsibility for the benghazi attack is sitting in a lux i didn't hotel in benghazi sipping strawberry
1:37 pm
drinks. we know where he is. we know where the al qaeda training camps are. why do we not hold fin -- anyone responsible. >>neil: what is the risk of not going after them? >>guest: i do not understand. >>neil: what did you think? >>guest: the administration say they want a lighter footprint. this has a second point which speaks to the whole middle east policy, two years ago that was a region at peace. now we are looking at a region, country after country, we have let things fall as necessity may, we have tried to let them have a small footprint and they could not set up their own governments and two years later the arab spring is an arab winter and we face a situation a year from now you go from the atlantic to pakistan with countries which are anti-american, which are islamists, which are an economic and political chaos. that, to me, is the bigger scandal than time heinz and talking points on benghazi, it
1:38 pm
is who lost the middle east and why. >>neil: what is going on now? is there sentiment being expressed by our own people abroad that someone doesn't have their beck? >>guest: by our own people through the region? yes, if you look at libya we toppled that dictator and we sat back and did not give the new libyan government the tools they needed for set up their own security. they are afraid of going after al qaeda or the groups. >>neil: can you blame us given the whole egypt thing? >>guest: there is a point between there. two examples in my life are iran and eastern europe. in iran jimmy carter helped topple the shah of iran and then stood back and did not help the new rebel government to set it sell up as self governing group and the ayatollah came in and shoved aside the well meaning democrats and set up an islamist
1:39 pm
state. look at fall of the reagan wall, when that happened we sent in people to help. we sent in bookkeepers and political experts to show them how to run the political parties and say this is how free media works but just gave them the tools. so iran, the greatest threat to world peace today. and, eastern europe, america's greatest ally. >>neil: very interesting. thank you very much. i almost forgot k.t. was speaking, the world is going to end tomorrow. did nut worry. that is when the mayans say we should be ready to say goodbye. hold off on that mortgage payment. second, take a look at what a lot of survivallives are spending their money on instead. >> they have always predicted
1:40 pm
the end of the world. >> i have a good feeling about this, sweetheart. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>>neil: we could be hours away from being toast. forget the fiscal cliff i am talking the end of the world, bright and early tomorrow morning. i bet you have not done a darn thing to prepare, have you? take heart, if you are real nice, folks may let you take shelter because they have been heeding the myian warning for years. >> if you take the advice of the new york post we shut all go out with a bang but if you look at the cover of the classy lady on it, well, maybe that doesn't sound so bad. if you on the "washington post" page ten you sigh social media sites, all abuzz if there is a reason to monetize social media, it is that the world is not ending tomorrow, and all kinds of nightclubs are hosting all
1:44 pm
sorts of end of the world themed parties tonight and tomorrow and you can see this flurry of advertising, a flurry of spending, and retailers love to have an event to real us in by valentine's day. we are used to it. it is a great idea for the advertisers to pin their hopes on something that could be as devastating as the end of the world. there could seriously be backlash to taking advantage of our fores. >>neil: but that hasn't hurt the guys that build the bunkers or folks that provide food that will last a couple of decades and twinkies could be a rage. >> they have moved from the fringe from obscurity, everyone has been -- there is a joe on tv that tracks their move and everything they store up, items if four years, antibiotics, and
1:45 pm
food this cans and water, but seriously, the blast couple of weeks, there have been so many things that happened, the unpredictable with the severe weather, and already only knows what will happen, people are taking the preparations more seriously. question have evidence of a big boost in spending in the mexican areas that are mayan origin, mexico, honduras, nicaragua, 50 percent increase in tourists. all those warm places. >>neil: better than a bunker. >> you think the doom and gloomers belong in a bunker? they are just as limited as you are, but they are have bunker and you don't. we dismiss this crowds, but what
1:46 pm
dries them? >>guest: well we all have one basic human fear. we all have it: fear of dying. guess what? nobody is getting out of here alive so it is a very rationale fear. however, we do, most of us, things it maintain that fear and maintain the anxiety and calm things down but though embrace the fear and figure it will happen today, tomorrow, very soon, so they don't do things that we did to calm ourselves on a regular basis. >>neil: but you would not look at them and say, crazy, nuts, a little off. they are deliberate in their approach, right? obviously if you are building a gunner and done all this stuff you are preparing if life after armageddon and there could only be a few people to share the planet with you when that is the case. but that in and of itself crazy? >>guest: here is the thing.
1:47 pm
it can be highly functional sometimes, and people can have high functioning habits and great jobs, they can make money, they can be functional in society, but their interior world could be different. so it doesn't make sense to put your life on hold awaiting another life that may or may not come with only a few people left on the planet but this is how they massage their anxiety about dying. the rest of us have a drink after word and go to the gym. >>neil: well, one out of two. >> is that a scalpel in your tummy or are you ready to sue me? the next time you go under the knife you want to make sure a surgeon does not lose his knife. when this health care law kicks in, they will go viral.
1:48 pm
man: constant tingling in my toes. woman: i had double vision. woman: they said, "you have multiple sclerosis." man: i kind of had to get a grasp on reality. man: i had to adapt and change very rapidly. woman: i had to learn how to drive with my hands -- yeah, that was interesting. man: a symptom may cause you not to be able to do that anymore, and at one point, i was able to do any of those. man: since i've been cycling, it's definitely helped my walking. woman: it's a fantastic opportunity to be working together with a common goal of curing ms, and sharing is the key.
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>>neil: a good thing the world is ending because if i had to see a doctor on this news i would kill myself. there is a new study showing surgeons make mistake more than 4,000 time as year anything from leaving instruments in you to removing the wrong kidney from you. my friend insists these are the exceptions compared to the millions of surgeries done each year but with millions more coming on with the new health care law, a lot of doctors getting aanied and leave the profession it could get worse. >>guest: that are the exceptions $1.3 billion in malpractice pay outs from these
1:52 pm
mistakes. >>neil: has it escalated? >>guest: this has been the past 20 years escalating from previous times. now it is table. i predict with obamacare coming in it will get worse. >>neil: why in essence when a surgeon is in the operating room he is like the pilot of a plane. he needs all of his checklists and all of his staff reminding him to put the flaps down because if he doesn't get that he could forget and you would not want that as a passenger but with the rush and 30 million more paints and hospitals trying to cut corners and worrying about their bottom line we will see less checklists. studies have shown you have to go through this' the operation. triple check the paint, check the arm band, is it the right paint, the right body part? mistakes will be made. >>neil: they have operated on the wrong patient? >>guest: on the wrong patient. and the wrong bed part. i had personally stories where a
1:53 pm
patient had the wrong side of his colon taken out. these things happen but mostly it can be avoided with careful attention. >>neil: but with 30 million coming on to a system and the number of doctors are not increases, the number of suns are down, isn't this more likely to happen? >>guest: yes, and that is only the tip of the iceburg. a lot of the doctors that were in private practice are in hospitals now because they have to have a bottom line so they are on salary so the hospital has more stress, more obligations and they are cutting down to skeleton staff. i want the nurses and aides to remember to remind the surgeon but there are smaller staffs. that is a problem. more and more paperwork. doctors are paid less. doctors under more stress to see more patients. that will lead to more mistake. if you pay out of pocket you can avoid that but obama is movinghe innot less. the more insurance, the more
1:54 pm
costs try to be cut taking it out on the patient. >>neil: so, count your school patches -- count your scalpels. >>guest: doctors have to be obsessive. if i am trying to remember if i am being paid i am distracted from the procedure. surgeons, over all, it is rare but it will increase. >>neil: harry reid, when no one was locking aned a special private lincoln screening, stay tuned, friends, have we got dirt to dish and tomorrow is the time when the mayans all say we will be dirt, anyway.
1:55 pm
. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
1:56 pm
c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
1:57 pm
♪ ♪ >> neil: well, the world may end tomorrow, but rest assured the senate is not wasting a moment trying to get stuff
1:58 pm
done now. i'm not talking progress on the cliff. i'm talking taking in the movie about lincoln. yes, a special viewing last night at the capitol. the all important steven spielberg epic that harry reid moved even and teeth screen at the congressional auditorium and waive rule against food in the auditorium so members could bring in munchies. popcorn, but not buttered popcorn. that's a relief. here i thought the end of humanity tomorrow, but barring that the start of financial armageddon two weeks after that would have them doing something profound or deep or meaningful. no. just a movie. good movie but alas a movie. harry reid dedicated more time and tried to bend more rules than i have getting outside bennigan's friday night after closing asking the manager to open the door. but harry runs the restaurant and he decides who eats there and what they can eat there.
1:59 pm
my last night on earth, is that how i'd spend the night before night before the last night on earth? two hours i'll never get back. but why change everything you are when you can sit back in an easy chair and embrace everything you haven't done. return to the aimless point stuff for which you're known in a theater with a tub of popcorn, gummy bear, jumbo drink and not a care in the world moments before the end of the world. i'd even have another screening tonight. one last night. one lost flick. maybe "apocalypse now." maybe. three hours away from the house makers votin

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